The TRUTH About How To Win Big Deals,
And Scale Your Business Fast,
(even if you think good salespeople are too hard to find).

You've come this far because of your brains, hard work, and persistence.

You've invested your life, your funds, and your talents;
taking risks to build an enterprise you can be proud of.

You're ready now to take this business to the major leagues, but something is holding you back.

If only you had the right people to bring in the big deals and get things really fired up. 


Hiring and training is a nightmare. 

It's too hard to find good salespeople who can generate the deals.

And then there are the overheads you're paying while you wait for results.

You're not alone. 

This is a common problem many business owners struggle with.


It's a never-ending cycle. 

You want to close the deals, but the talent you're employing is not up to it. They just don't possess the vision, skills, and mindset to get the job done. 

And if you're relying on 'commission only' schemes to build your business, you're wasting your time.

Worse still, underperforming salespeople will burn your customers and kill opportunities faster than you think. In fact, they can do more damage to your business and reputation than if you didn't hire them at all.

Bottom line.
You're hiring the wrong people.

You're trying to get featherweights to do the job of a heavyweight, and it simply doesn't work.

Depending on industry,
a wrong hire can cost you anywhere between

of the employee's salary

including, recruitment, compensation, benefits, equipment, training, lost productivity, severance, and replacement expenses.



After interviewing and recruiting hundreds of salespeople in my time, I'd say hiring the wrong people is probably the #1 fatal error most entrepreneurs make when trying to scale fast.


The thing is...

You have to pay for great salespeople.

There's no avoiding it.

Top-level sales achievers that get real revenue results require good salaries, incentives, and supportive leadership. 

They deserve nothing less, but this requires even more financial commitment and time. 

It's kind of like a 'chicken and egg' scenario.

You can't have one without the other.

Today's senior decision-makers and buyers demand to deal with sellers who understand every aspect of their needs, whether commercial, financial, or operational. 


They will sign the order when they feel confident in your solution and trust in your ability to deliver. 


of business buyers say it's critical to interact with a trusted advisor who adds value to their business.



It requires a seasoned dealmaker,
not a junior sales rep or a telesales agent.

Someone with high emotional intelligence, business acumen, skills, and experience who can get the job done.

Salespeople with strong business acumen are the new power players in the game of B2B selling because they know exactly how to help client organizations succeed.


So here's what to consider.

Your growth ambitions are certainly achievable. 


I put it to you, however, that...

you're simply doing things in the wrong order.

If you want the super amazing sales team to land you the big deals and grow your business, you first have to build a winning sales system.

This is a formula based on tangible sales outcomes, not assumptions or theories.

Once you have this custom-fit dealmaking system that delivers you the major deals you need,

you can replicate it,
so you generate even more of the sizeable deals you want. 


You can then scale-up with one sales champion or even a team of people who can follow your winning method and keep cultivating the deals.

Now you have a real recipe for success.


Not only have you eliminated all the costly trial and error
(including all the bad hires).

You can now afford the top-rate salespeople who will accelerate your growth because you have the income and confidence to employ them.

"To be successful, select a person you admire, study the methodology behind their success, and create a similar path for yourself...success leaves clues."
Tony Robbins

Now, here's the rub...

The only way you can create your scaleable dealmaking system is to win and experience a major deal yourself.

You must go through all the stages and forge the concrete steps that give you the biggest income results in the least amount of time.

Like a maestro,
you need to know all the parts and bring them together to produce the masterpiece.

And the fastest way to do this is to partner with an authority who knows how to find, build, and close the big deals with the big profits.


A trusted mentor who can walk you through the milestones to land your major deal and help you create your winning dealmaking formula.

Your people will not only admire your leadership and innovation, now they can follow in your footsteps to closing the business deals that really count

—no more waste, guesswork, and headaches.


Now you have the big deals in the bag, healthy cash flow coming in, the capacity to hire great people, and a foolproof dealmaking system you can scale.


Would that dial things up for you?



Here's The Perfect Solution If You Want To Win Big Deals, Grow Your Profits Fast, And Avoid Expensive Hiring Mistakes.

It gives you immediate results and a model you can scale while you watch your business thrive.

Finally, A Program That 
Gives You A Bulletproof System
To Win Big Deals, Scale And Grow
In Just 6 Weeks

Who's it for:

You're a business owner or sales leader responsible for the top-line results of your company.
You want to build a team of awesome salespeople who bring you reliable results and new clients every month.
There's huge potential to make big sales that will catapult your success, but they seem to be just out of reach.

What it does:

Rapid Results gives you a fail-safe dealmaking system to land your deals with confidence, every time.

It provides you a winning formula you can replicate and scale, and enables you to attract the right people so you can

By the end of your program, you'll have the know-how to find and land major enterprise deals.

You'll be able to qualify opportunities, increase win rates, and avoid costly mistakes.

Closing large enterprise deals will now be effortless.

Results you can expect

Gain the confidence to go after and win the major deals.

Create your 6-Step dealmaking formula you can replicate and scale.

Achieve your sales targets easier and faster than ever before.

Avoid chasing weak opportunities that waste time and resources.

Explode your win rate and strengthen your capacity to attract the right talent.

Make more money and elevate your reputation as a major player in your space.

How it works:

Following the 6-Step Dealmaker Method, we build your perfect deal in realtime.

Working with your existing marketplace, we locate a premium opportunity that will give you the highest return.

Leaving nothing to chance, I guide you through every stage from prospecting to the close, so you have a watertight deal that's guaranteed to land.

By the end of your program, you'll have a bulletproof dealmaking system you can duplicate and scale. 

What it includes:

6 x 30-minute one-on-one weekly mentoring sessions run via video conference.

Your Rapid Results Workbook to record strategies, tactics, and outcomes, and design your customized dealmaking formula.

A recording of each session so you can revisit action points.

Direct access to my personal email so you can ask any questions following each session.

M. Newman
Chief Revenue Officer

I was motivated by Leon's contagious enthusiasm and belief in our ability to win big. 

His knowledge and insights were invaluable, helping us form our new sales campaigns.

C. Windsor
Business Owner

There's only one man that I'd see counsel from when it comes to making sales. 

Thanks Leon, for getting us back on track with our numbers and inspiring the team.

Meet Your Dealmaker Mentor

Known as 'The Master Of The Deal' and Co-Founder of The Dealmaker Academy,
Leon provides invaluable insight and wisdom, based on real-world experience; 
giving you an unfair advantage and ensuring you avoid costly pitfalls. 

With over three decades of sales leadership, mentoring, and consulting, Leon's talent for finding profitability and negotiating game-changing deals is unparalleled.

If there's profit to be exploited within your sales environment, Leon will find it.

Your 100% Money Back, Risk Free Guarantee:

I only work with people I know I can help.
That's why I offer a 100% money back, risk free guarantee.
Here's the deal...
If by the end of your first session, you don't feel we can achieve your desired goal, you are welcome to ask for a full refund.
No questions asked. No hard feelings.




With Your Dealmaker Mentor In Your Corner, Now You Can Win Every Deal




With Your Dealmaker Mentor In Your Corner, Now You Can Win Every Deal

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Act now and get your BONUS VisionToReality program.

On this 90-minute live call, I'll help clarify your 2021 financial goal and the key opportunities and actions that guarantee you get you there.

This dynamic session gives you a foolproof roadmap to success and immediately removes all the uncertainty and overwhelm. 

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Unless you have definite, precise, clearly set goals, you are not going to realize the maximum potential that lies within you.

Zig Ziglar






How to get started:

If you're ready to grow your business and income, you must close the big deals.
It's that simple.
Together we'll architecture your bulletproof formula for winning big business, so you can scale and grow.
With me by your side, I'll make sure you stay on the right path to success and secure the deals that'll take you to new heights.
Spots are strictly limited to 3 clients per month.

You can reserve your place by signing up today.



How to get started:

If you're ready to grow your business and income, you must win the big deals.
It's that simple.
With me by your side, I'll make sure you stay on the right path to success and secure the deals that'll take you to new heights.
Spots are strictly limited to 
3 clients per month.

You can reserve your place by signing up today.


Now, suppose you've already secured some premium clients and won your game-changing deal.

In that case, use this Action Guide to streamline and refine your sales approach and eliminate the mistakes that can kill deals.

Download The 6-Step Dealmaker Method And Create Your Winning Formula, So You Can Scale And Grow

We respect your privacy and will never sell or share your data with anyone.

And if you want some assistance putting your framework together, I can help with that too.

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This way you can set your intention and take all the right steps for a mammoth year of success, and get on with closing the kind of deals that will transform your life and business forever.


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  • One-On-One Sessions with Dealmaker Mentor, Leon Potter, guiding you through the 6-Step Rapid Results Program where you will create your customized dealmaking system to win big deals, scale and grow
  • 6 x 30-Minute Mentoring Sessions via live video conference
  • Your Rapid Results Study Guide including tips, checklists, resources, and weekly action plan
  • Video recording of every session
  • Private email access for extra support
  • Limited-Time Special Bonus VisionToReality 90-Minute Mentoring Session that gives you a foolproof roadmap for success
  • Your VisionToReality Roadmap Study Guide including transformational exercises, goal setting tools, and your fully-customized plan
  • Your 100% Money-Back Risk-Free Guarantee

Package Valued at $3,997

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Together, we'll strengthen your dealmaking expertise so you can execute strategies, proposals, and negotiations...


that win you the big deals.



Together, we'll strengthen your
dealmaking expertise
so you can execute strategies, proposals, and negotiations...


that win the big deals.