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'Growth is never mere chance, it is the result of forces working together'

James C Penney, Founder JC Penney

Acquire the mindset and leadership that will grow your business, income, and freedom without wasting another second on trial and error


Dealmaker MasteryTM is for you if:

  • You're a business leader responsible for aggressive company growth through revenue generation

  • You're entrusted with forging new markets and creating lucrative enterprise opportunities

  • You depend on your professional reputation and uphold the ethics of integrity, value, and success

  • You're committed to personal advancement and are prepared to do whatever it takes to achieve phenomenal results

  • You realize you can't expend precious time, effort and resources on redundant activity, unpredictable forecasts and bad deals

  • You're looking for an all-in-one solution that delivers the clarity, direction and leadership tools that give you the winning edge and enable you to drive bigger results, faster than you thought possible

What it involves:

Discover and master the four dimensions of dealmaking in this extensive 12-month mentorship program that covers the fundamental elements of vision, mindset, practice, and high-performance habits for ambitious entrepreneurs.

Partnering one-on-one with your dedicated Success Coach, you'll be enlightened, challenged, and guided every step of the way to the accomplishment of your high-reach business and revenue goals.

The Dealmaker Mastery Program Outline:

This life-changing program is delivered in stages that build foundations, engrain new skills, and give you the framework for accelerated growth.

With a vision for creating the business, income, and lifestyle you really want, we help you establish your masterplan for success with clear milestones and actions that will lead you to attain your high-reach goals.

Centered on opportunity creation, revenue growth, and smart business principles that produce profitable results, this module gives you the know-how to manufacture the game-changing deals that catapult enterprise growth.

Equipped with a proven 6-step framework, you'll optimize your sales processes and increase conversions, ensuring you only invest resources on high-profit opportunities that are guaranteed to land.

With enhanced visibility, objectivity, and commercial focus, you'll identify new initiatives and untapped assets that give you differentiation and advantage as a dominant player in your market.

Through the installation of powerful Success Habits, this module flexes your capacity to influence others, to think creatively, and to drive winning outcomes with tenacity and confidence.

Your results skyrocket as you apply these success habits in your business environment; forging a suite of core leadership strengths that bolster your performance and continue to serve you for a lifetime.

In this module, you'll discover how to eliminate distractions, set priorities, and increase your effectiveness so you can spend more time enjoying life's rewards with the people who matter most.

"High achievement always takes place in the framework of high expectation"

Bob Proctor, America's Greatest Prosperity Teacher

What this program can do for you:

Within the first 6-months of success coaching, our average client experiences:
advancement in commercial awareness, entrepreneurial thinking and ability to seek out lucrative business opportunities
increased ability to develop business plans, strategies and tactics that produce revenue
heightened capacity to influence, lead and negotiate through collaboration
uplift in effectiveness, energy and focus on the actions that matter most
boost in courage, confidence and determination to conquer fear and overcome major challenges
expanded creativity and resourcefulness to develop innovations and solve problems

These results are self-reported and unverified. Your results will vary depending on numerous factors including your application of the program's practices, principles, exercises and strategies.

The results you can expect:

We guarantee your results will reflect your level of ambition, commitment, and engagement with this program. 
The more you put into it, the more it will return to you.

Dealmaker MasteryTM provides the mechanism, practical application, and all the hands-on support you need to realize:

  • Your 12-month financial performance and personal advancement goals
  • Increased revenue by closing smart business at better margins
  • Predictable income by turning more proposals into watertight deals
  • Greater opportunities by finding new channels that cultivate untapped revenue potential
  • Enhanced reputation as you elevate your professional status as a leader of influence
  • Heightened confidence in your clarity, conviction, and control over the business moves you make

What you get:


24 x 40-minute one-on-one coaching sessions with your Success Coach

Meetings are scheduled at your preferred time each fortnight and conducted via Zoom conferencing (internet connection required).

Working with your Success Coach, you're provided the freedom, space, and time to think more optimistically and creatively about the abundant possibilities.

As a trusted accountability partner and advocate, your Coach is there every step of the way, enabling you to look at your business from different angles and explore new avenues and initiatives.

This forum gives you the liberty to discover and create exciting opportunities and propositions you didn't recognize or think possible before.



This customized guide provides that extra encouragement you can call on during the challenging times. As your personal success compass, it'll always return you to your higher purpose and keep you on the steady path to achieving your version of success.


An essential element of your program includes identifying and chartering specific success goals, milestones, and action plans. 
With goal alignment and clarified steps, you will experience greater confidence, productivity, momentum, and faster results.



A summary report provides an overview of each key topic and highlights the discoveries and action points from your coaching session.

The primary content is further reinforced through fortnightly exercises that enhance learning and application in real-world business situations.


With 100% commitment to serving you in achieving your desired results, frequent progress evaluations and reviews enable you to make necessary tweaks and adjustments to your performance, and give you evidence of your progress and wins along the way.



24/7 access to your Dealmaker Workspace as a dedicated resource for all your coaching materials and communications.

This online app helps you capture, review, and download all your coaching notes, summaries, and exercises. With optional features such as journalling, milestone action plans, and performance metrics, you can customize your coaching experience to suit your personal learning style.


Meet Your Coach

Known as 'The Godfather of Dealmaking,' and Creator of The Dealmaker MethodTM, Leon is an International Success Coach and Co-Founder of The Dealmaker Academy.

With over three decades of sales leadership, coaching, and consulting, Leon's talent for finding profitability and negotiating game-changing deals is unparalleled.

If there's profit to be exploited within your sales environment, Leon will expose it.

"Business Coaching is attracting America's top CEOs...
Simply put, Coaching works."

"Leon gave me total clarity for my direction and opportunity... I recommend him highly, you should reach out."

Richard W.
Entrepreneurial Executive

"The Dealmaker Academy program was the best investment I have made in my career."

David M.
Energy and Utilities Executive

"I have witnessed, first hand, business performance and sales team development programs implemented by Leon that have turned a business around."

Tony C.
Marketing Director

"Our enterprise sales were lacking energy. After our first coaching session with Leon, we were feeling recharged and ready to win."

Samantha C.
IT Consulting and Project Management

"My program has taught me to honor my time so I only focus on what produces the greatest returns."

Jay W.
Software Sales Director

"A truly life-changing experience."

Harry K.
Entrepreneur Agent and Promotions Manager

How to get started:

This program requires considerable financial and personal investment to get the level of results we're talking about.

With limited spots and high demand, Dealmaker Success CoachingTM programs are offered by 'invitation only' to those who demonstrate the steadfast commitment, professional experience, and desire to achieve extraordinary results.

We're super serious about your success!

To show you just how serious we are, we provide a Success Breakthrough Session to genuine applicants who are prepared to make a big commitment.

During this call, you'll meet your Success Coach to discuss your business aspirations, your personal and financial goals, and any challenges you feel are standing in your way of realizing your potential. You'll also be able to take action right away with proven strategies, tactics, and shared insights that will immediately change the game.


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